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    The Isle of Wight: Britain’s First Eco-island

    June 25, 2012 • Travel, UK Travel


    When I mention that I’m going on holiday to the Isle of Wight I am often greeted with bemused looks followed by questions along the line of ‘is it for the festival’? or ‘I didn’t know you liked sailing’? When I tell them it’s for neither purpose, signs of bemusement start to...

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    Put a Bird on It: Kate Thornton Designs

    June 17, 2012 • Living

    Kate is a designer specialising in collages created by combining elements of her four favourite interests – architecture, natural history, cartography and birds. The result is a unique range of vintage style prints that juxtapose the antique (postcards, maps, and books) with the living (in the shape of Eagles, Herons, Doves and Highland Cows).…

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    The Crafting Genius of the Yellow Owl Workshop

    June 16, 2012 • Living

    I came across the San Francisco based Yellow Owl Workshop whilst in California last year and was immediately impressed by their eclectic range of crafty products. Christine Schmidt heads the operation alongside her husband and they have slowly but steadily been catching attention of printing enthusiasts worldwide. Every article which leaves the...

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