• A Sussex Hill Top through the Seasons

    December 14, 2012 • Travel, UK Travel

    There’s something comforting about the seasons and the subtle changes they bring to a landscape as they roll slowly but determinedly onwards through a year. There is a certain hill in Sussex, just down the road from my boyfriend’s parent’s house, which I make a pilgrimage to each time we visit. A lonely, regal tree stands at its peak, quietly surveying the vista beyond. There’s something almost otherworldly about this place, perhaps it’s to do with the light which emanates from the sweeping skylines and illuminating the gentle vales and peaks of the surrounding farmland as it passes; but whatever it is, it never fails to draw me in and instill me with a sense of contentment. A couple of years ago, I began to make a photo journal, marking the impact of seasonal change upon it – from the winter snow drifts which blanketed the valley in an ocean of snow (Dec ’10) and the summer drought which cracked the earth (June – Aug ’12) to the more recent Autumn floods:


    Spring going into Summer


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