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    London in Slow Motion

    August 30, 2013 • Living


    “From being a place that was all about working and consuming, London has become for me a fascinating kaleidoscope of stories, ideas and possibilities.”

    We talk to Rosie Oliver, creator of Dotmaker Tours, which aim to show you London in ways you’ve never seen it before…

    Tell us a bit about Dotmaker Tours?

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    Going Green in the City: Imaginative Urban Gardening

    August 5, 2013 • Living

    2013-05-22 14.03.09

    ‘Even the smallest space can be utilised to make the world a little greener’

    Living greenly in a large city can be something of a battle, especially when garden space comes at a premium, but when many believe that remaining in touch with nature is not only necessary for health but...

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