• An arrangement of colour in Amalfi

    May 11, 2014 • Travel

    The Amalfi coast in Italy is well known for its stunning views and panoramic coastal roads but there’s a lot to be soaked up inside its hilltop villas too…IMG_3806La Minervetta, perched on the seacliff overlooking Marina Grande – a short walk from the centre of Sorrento, has gone for a bold coastal style and has wonderful views across to Vesuvius when your eyes need a break from the gingham and stripes.IMG_3745The ‘maison’ is packed full of family treasures, collections and design objects collected by Signora Adda Cacace and her son Marco over the years.

    IMG_4074IMG_3752Its balcony looks over the bay of Naples.

    IMG_3813IMG_4075IMG_4069IMG_3765IMG_3535IMG_3973IMG_4066The Circumvesuviana metro is a short walk from and on the same line as both Pompeii and Herculaneum. From Naples, you can get to most other Italian cities. Boats also go daily to Capri and other neighbouring islands. For details on how to get to Italy by train see http://www.seat61.com/Italy.htm IMG_3627IMG_3608Above, bathing on Capri.

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